Wednesday, 16 May 2012

deathwing cyclone missile launchers

The cyclones missile launchers were built using plasticard and bits from the chaos havoc missile launcher, drop pod eagle symbols, drop pod harnesses and some other random bits (search light bits i think). My core deathwing army is made up of 4x5 black reach terminators, 1 box of assault terminators, lysander (as belial) and the terminator chaplain.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Skullhamma Exhausts/Engines

Had a bit of time to spend on my skullhamma and got the rear section completed. ~10 exhausts should be enough to convince everyone that it does in fact go fast.
Now i just have some plating to add to the top surfaces and i'm mostly done.
I have been considering doing a little diorama inside the turrent with grots loading up the skullhamma kannon and also some grot crew in the lobba pit, Forgeworld may get some more of my money before this project is finished.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ork Skullhamma

I've been working on this slowly for quite a few months now. I think it's time I unleashed this on the world. It's still work in progress but it's not far off finished now really. My Skullhamma...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The first Veer Myn

Following on from yesterdays post with my corporation guy this is my veer myn colour scheme, which i quite like. Now I just have to find time and inspiration to do the other 18 models in the project pandora box.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Terminator Interigator Chaplain

Right, here is my third post of the day. I painted this chap last weekend to enter into games workshops national painting competition. The voting was a bit of a farse at the edinburgh store to be honest (it was mostly facebook votes but with no photos put up people were just voting for their mates). For me the winning wasn't as important (there wasn't really a prize) as comparing my painting to other folks miniatures, out of the enteries i saw and from speaking to the staff i would have placed my chaplain second to a very nice forgeworld Luft Huron model and placed the actual winner 3rd, but thats just me. Anyway, here is my effort.

My first mantic model

So, last week i stretched out into the world of wargaming beyond GW and received my copy of Project Pandora in the post, i'm reasonably impressed with the miniatures, i really like the corporation (which is a the opposite of what i thought before i got the box, i was loving the veer myn before). I've started off by assembling and spraying black all 20 models. Now i'm in the process of painting up one of each of the two races to get a colour scheme that i like before i paint the rest. Here is my first corporation model (and first mantic model for that matter). I finished this guy this morning and the first veer myn model is in progress.

Looted Leman Russ

Yesterday i revisited my rather uncharacteristicly clean looking looted russ and did some weathering and added the razor wire across the front. I'm going to call if finished (for now). :-)