Friday, 18 June 2010


This is my squigachu conversion which i'm going to use as my warbosses attack squig.
The conversion was pretty simple, i just cut out the basic lightening tail shape out of plasticard then covered in greenstuff to bulk it up and round off the edges a little. I then sculpted the ears in greenstuff

The picture above is a WIP pic of the paint job. I undercoated it with chaos black primer spray. I then brushed on iyanden dark sun leaving only the deepest recesses black. I then washed the whole model with baal red wash. I then drybrushed on iyanden dark sun again to brighten up the model, then drybrushed shining yellow to highlight the model further.
The cheek patches were painted on using blood red, the ear tips chaos black, the stripes and tail base with graveyard earth and the teeth and claws with bleached bone. Done!

This model is also currently on display at GW Edinburgh.

Ork Warkopta 'Chinork' Scratch Build

This is my recently finished scratch built ork warkopta 'chinork'. It is currently on display in the cabinet at my local GW store. I've gone with an oily bad moon colour scheme for my army. The bad moons are the richest so they can afford to pay buzzgob and his boyz to build some extravagant flying machines to throw them into battle possibly even faster that the evil suns speed freaks, sucks to be them!

I started off with an AOBR deffkopta, used a hacksaw to remove the rear rotor, then used 2mm plastic card to build the frame. I used some greenstuff to make a tighter and stronger connection between the deffkopta and the plastic main body.

I made the rear feet from 2mm plastic and some tubing. I added the main features next; a rudder, battle worn rotors and some tubing round the engine. The used magnets to attach the rotors so they can come off to make transporting the model much easier.

This ariel view shows the various plates i added to give the warkopta that orky feeling and added dags on the rotors. The black parts are 1mm plasticard.

The final stage of modelling thee warkopta was to sit for 2 hours and stick on rivets. To make the rivets i cut up a plastic rod (i also used some i had left over from another project which were cut from plasticard using i belt hole cutter). Rivets take quite a bit of time and patience to add but they add so much to the finished model it's deffinitly well worth it.

I firstly undercoated it with chaos black spray primer. Then overbrushed the whole model with tin bitz. I picked out the main panels with iyanden dark sun (which is basically dark sandy yellow). I then drybrushed the whole thing with boltgun metal and a generous helping of devlan mud. The picture below show the area i tested this colour scheme on, i was happy with the result so carried on with the rest of the chinork. The picture below was takn before the wash was actually dry, the camra flash makes the yellow look alot brighter than it actually is.

This is the warkopta at the painting standard i was originally aiming for. However, when i took it up to show the guys at GW they told me about a vehicle painting competition they were running in the store so i decided to up my game and get it ready to enter. The guys up at GW also let me have a look at their store copy of imperial armour 8 with the rules for the warkopta. The model was built just with the rokkit launchas that were on the original deffkopta. After seeing the rules i added the wing mounted twin linked deffguns using magnets and changed the rokkit launcha for a big shoota simply by cutting off rokkits and adding 4 shoota barrels in their place.

I also decided to add passengers to give the piece more character and make it look 'busier' with orks almost literally hanging off the side. I managed to fit 5 ork passengers on it. I also added as many details as i could fit on the vehicle body including black flames on some of the panels and yellow and black checks on parts of the vehicle and on some of the orks body armour.
I hope you enjoy these photos:

The Waaagh! is growing

I've not updated this for a wee while now. My ork army is now taking shape. I've built a set of shelves which is currently dedicated to my new growing obsession with the green skins.
My army list in progress in now quite different from my original idea, basically it'll take too long to scratch build 3 battlewagons. Here's what i've got so far.

HQ Warboss, big choppa, attack squig (Squigachu), TL Shoota, 'Eavy armour, Bosspole

HQ Big Mek, 'Eavy Armour, Kustom Force Field, Bosspole

Elite 8 burna boyz + 1 mek with Kustom Megablasta, Trukk (warkopta), GR, SC, AP, BS

Troops 30 sluggaboyz, 3 rokkits, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 20 shoota boyz, 2 big shootas, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 20 'Ard boyz, sluggas and choppas, 2 rokkits, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 10 grots and runtherd

Heavy Battlewagon (Zeppelin) 4 rokkit launchas, zzap gun,stikkbombz, armour plates

That all comes to 1275pts. Mostly unpainted but pretty much all assembled.

As you can probably see in the picture there are a few scratch builds in progress, i'll go into more detail of them in future posts.

Last week i purchased Imprial Armour volume 8, it's the first imperial armour book i've looked through and i am very impressed with the quality of the book and it's contents. It contains a Dread Mob army list, my mind is now full of mega dreads, grot tanks and the special character buzzgob. Also it contains rules for the warkopta i built so i don't just have to use it as a trukk all the time. Mek Boss Buzzgob has now gone to the top of my wish list so forgeworld may see an order from me shortly.I think a mega dread could well be a future scratch building project for me.... watch this space...