Tuesday, 3 July 2012

6th ed and sniping with devastators

I'd firstly like to make it clear that I am not responsible for any friends you may lose being a doosh and using this stupid ideas. However the examples of target units below, I think, show reasonable ways of setting up units with characters in (i.e. character at the middle at the back) and if someone is going to place a character at one end of the unit (possibly just joined and didn't have enough movement to get to a 'safe' possition) then i don't think it unreasonable to put a vehicle in the way of your tactical squad so it can only see the character on the end of the unit and 'snipe' him, if these opertunities arrise it would be hard not to take them. The first two situations below are not 'oppertunities' but attempts at breaking the game to a certain extent. Note, the rhino wall sniping isn't a new thing, i heard of people using it in 3rd ed.(or was it 4th, i forget)

Situation 1.

So the basic idea here is I want to take out lucius (at the back) from this chaos tactical squad with my devastators. Problem being i have to take out the 6 marines that are closer first....

Solution. Place the 4 missile launchers (or whatever really) together (with a few normal marines in front) with two rhinos to create a funnel so now they can only see two marines and lucius. If you were to achieve 3 wounds then the the marines are gone and one wound left to kill the character, who's only defence is a 4+ look out, sir roll and any invunerable he may have. Thoughts?

Situation 2.

This is similar but this time we're taking out a heavy weapon with the obliterators.

I won't be doing using this tactic, however i bet someone out there already plans to.

Situation 3.

Lets use lobbas as snipers...

Now this one isn't dirty, its just how the rules are written. I intend to build 2 units of lobbas for my orks (especially if i can take 6 heavy support at 2000pts). Sit them out of sight and use them to snipe characters. Let me explain...

When using an multiple barrage using indirect fire the wound allocation is done separately for each template placed and the wounds are allocated starting with model closest to the centre of the blast. that means if i target the plasma cannon marine in the photo below and roll a hit (1 in 3 chance, thats better than rolling a 6 with a sniper rifle) then I could potentially get 3 wounds that have to be saved by the plasma cannon first.

If the second was also then a hit i could place it on the sergeant and then potentially get 3 wounds on the sergeant (he still gets his 4+ look out, sir obviously)
For how cheap lobbas are I think it would be rude not to just for the cheeky little chance of being really useful, i think they may even be more useful than tellion.

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