Friday, 18 June 2010

The Waaagh! is growing

I've not updated this for a wee while now. My ork army is now taking shape. I've built a set of shelves which is currently dedicated to my new growing obsession with the green skins.
My army list in progress in now quite different from my original idea, basically it'll take too long to scratch build 3 battlewagons. Here's what i've got so far.

HQ Warboss, big choppa, attack squig (Squigachu), TL Shoota, 'Eavy armour, Bosspole

HQ Big Mek, 'Eavy Armour, Kustom Force Field, Bosspole

Elite 8 burna boyz + 1 mek with Kustom Megablasta, Trukk (warkopta), GR, SC, AP, BS

Troops 30 sluggaboyz, 3 rokkits, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 20 shoota boyz, 2 big shootas, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 20 'Ard boyz, sluggas and choppas, 2 rokkits, Nob with Power klaw, bosspole

Troops 10 grots and runtherd

Heavy Battlewagon (Zeppelin) 4 rokkit launchas, zzap gun,stikkbombz, armour plates

That all comes to 1275pts. Mostly unpainted but pretty much all assembled.

As you can probably see in the picture there are a few scratch builds in progress, i'll go into more detail of them in future posts.

Last week i purchased Imprial Armour volume 8, it's the first imperial armour book i've looked through and i am very impressed with the quality of the book and it's contents. It contains a Dread Mob army list, my mind is now full of mega dreads, grot tanks and the special character buzzgob. Also it contains rules for the warkopta i built so i don't just have to use it as a trukk all the time. Mek Boss Buzzgob has now gone to the top of my wish list so forgeworld may see an order from me shortly.I think a mega dread could well be a future scratch building project for me.... watch this space...

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