Friday, 18 June 2010


This is my squigachu conversion which i'm going to use as my warbosses attack squig.
The conversion was pretty simple, i just cut out the basic lightening tail shape out of plasticard then covered in greenstuff to bulk it up and round off the edges a little. I then sculpted the ears in greenstuff

The picture above is a WIP pic of the paint job. I undercoated it with chaos black primer spray. I then brushed on iyanden dark sun leaving only the deepest recesses black. I then washed the whole model with baal red wash. I then drybrushed on iyanden dark sun again to brighten up the model, then drybrushed shining yellow to highlight the model further.
The cheek patches were painted on using blood red, the ear tips chaos black, the stripes and tail base with graveyard earth and the teeth and claws with bleached bone. Done!

This model is also currently on display at GW Edinburgh.

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