Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dark Eldar Wych Cult Army

So, its been a while since my dark eldar have seen a gaming table. The raiders and ravagers have gathered a fairly substantial amount of dust. With all the rumours i've been hearing recently about the dark eldar being rereleased before xmas my enthusiasm for the sadistic pointy ears has been relit. I've decided to take a wych army to play at geekathon tomorrow night. I've never used a wych cult list before so i've decided to keep it fluffy, it's all wyches. Well I obviously won't be going to war without my three ravagers to back them up. There are quite a few models in the army that are looking a bit ropey but they will do the job. Here's the list i'm going to be running.

HQ Lelith Hesperax 90pts

Elite Beastmaster + 4 beasts 63pts

Elite Beastmaster + 5 beasts 75pts

4 Troops 7 wyches, wych weapons, plasma grenades,succubus with agoniser
Transports 4 raiders with nightshields
One wych succubus has the goblet of spite 789pts

Fast Attack 6 Hellions, succubus, agoniser, plasma grenades, haywire grenades 150pts

Heavy Ravager with 3 disintegrators 120pts

2 Heavys 2 ravagers with 3 dark lances 210pts

TOTAL 1497pts

Thats 15 kill points, 53 models, 28 points per model

I think the plan is pretty self explanitary. Open any armour with the dark lances and assault everything else.

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