Friday, 16 April 2010

Emperors Children Obliterators

These obliterators have worked really well for me in battle. At first they would get shot dead quickly (targetted even before my vindicator) because my opponents 'knew' they are scary, now they are usually a second thought which means they can get on with their job of picking off the opponents scary stuff. Out of their ridiculously versitile choice of weaponry I tend to use the plasma cannons mostly (against elite infantry), lascannons if there is something worth shooting or if i get the chance i use my favourite weapon in the game: the heavy flamer.

These two chaos obliterators are two of my favourite conversions. I modelled them about a year ago for my emperors children army. For the one on the left (Bowser) i used the obliterator body and arms and added a head from the chaos vehicle accessories sprue, i then added various weapons; some from the obliterator blister, flamer from the chaos vehicle sprue, a couple of plastic chainswords and a plastic plasmagun. After a bit of work with some wire and greenstuff, he was then completed with a scenic base made from slate (from the garden) and a pile of skulls from the 40K basing kit.

The other was made in much the same way. His right arm is the top half of the obliterator arm combined with a terminator reaper autocannon and a metal chaos flamer from my bitz box. The left arm is just the oblits arm with a plastic power sword added. His head (well, his main head) is the new plastic deamonettes trumpet. The deamonic tenticle protrusions out of his back i made with wire then stuck heads and a lascannon nozzle on the ends then made them look good with greenstuff.

Here are some photos before they were painted.
Obliterator 1 (Bowser);

Obliterator 2

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