Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Orks so far...

My ork boyz arrived today. 60 AOBR ork boyz, come on the waaagh!

Here's the rest of my ork models, 10 grots, runtherd, squig, 3 nobz, my converted warboss and my new big mek with the kustom force field. With the new models i now have around 800pts, the army is growing slowly but surely, i'll maybe get it on the battlfield sometime in the not so distant future.

This is a closer picture of my ork warboss. I made this conversion years ago when you could still order any individual bits from the citadel journal through mail order. His body and left arm are from the old metal 40k warboss, the right arm and head are from one of the old fantasy warbosses as is the banner top. I made his twin linked shoota (on his back) from plastic ork bits.

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